Who We Are


Why Blue Rose?

The blue rose does not exist in nature; its magnificence results from the considerable efforts and collaboration of botanists around the world.

Across many cultures the blue rose represents achievement of the impossible. We chose the blue rose to represent our firm for this reason. There is an inherent beauty in organizations that are designed and function well, but they do not just occur – they must be developed through the cooperation and hard work of their people.

Understanding the HUBZone Mission and the Blue Rose Commitment

The purpose of the HUBZone program is to provide federal contracting assistance for qualified small businesses concerns located in historically underutilized business zones in an effort to increase employment opportunities, investment, and economic development.

Unfortunately, the federal government has failed to meet HUBZone goals for several years, although there is a new push to achieve this target.


As a Veteran-Owned, HUBZone, Small Business, Blue Rose takes a unique approach to our commitment to these communities.

Many of the neighborhoods “outside the gates” of our military installations are struggling economically. These are the communities that are home to our military families and many veterans. Having served and visited installations around the nation, we are all-too-familiar with these communities and how they rise and fall on the activities of the installation and the policies of the Departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs. We believe there is a synergy between veterans, civilian and military families. That is why our unique HUBZone approach is built on this synergy by prioritizing employment opportunities that we have to military families, veterans and the communities in which they live. By doing this, Blue Rose not only supports the backbone of the Military Services, but also the neighborhoods where they live.

Our passion and our commitment are reflected in these HUBZone communities.



Todd A. Weiler



A recognized government and corporate leader with a unique understanding of the crossroads between IT and Human Capital domains.

  • Former Assistant Secretary of Defense and C-Suite Executive.
  • More than 20 years of senior-level experience in human capital management, military personnel policies, business and IT operations.
  • Helping public, private and non-profit organizations to embrace change has been critical to his success leading multi-million-dollar turnaround operations.
  • Former attack helicopter pilot and decorated combat veteran.
  • Passion for and significant experience in improving programs to help service members and families during and in transition from military service.



Highly accomplished senior consulting leader with expertise at the intersection of IT and human capital management (HCM).

  • Senior-level alumnus of several of the world’s most renowned consultancies (KPMG, Deloitte/BearingPoint, and Booz Allen Hamilton).
  • Over 20 years of experience working with C- and SES-level clients across commercial, multi-lateral and public sectors (including extensive work with U.S. Federal clients) to design, develop, implement, and restructure complex IT and Human Capital Management (HCM) programs.
  • PMI-certified Program Manager (PgMP) (one of ~2000 worldwide).
  • Solutions experience includes IT/HCM transformation program management, human capital, financial and operations analytics (systems implementation, analytics development and program design/restructuring), IT cost analysis/optimization, performance management, analysis of alternatives, vendor acquisition, knowledge management, IT workforce analysis and development, IT transformation change management, and systems training and job aid development.
  • Extensive client service delivery experience in health sciences, regulatory/policy management, financial services, transportation & logistics, defense, civilian security, telecommunications, and international development.