The United States Marine Corps’ (USMC’s) Training and Education Command (TECOM)

The United States Marine Corps’ Training and Education Command (TECOM) is charged with transforming civilians into Marines and with developing, maintaining, and continuously improving the physical, technical, and intellectual capabilities of all 180K+ Marines and warfighting units. TECOM recognized the need to increase the Marine Corps’ “intellectual edge” in warfighting to offset the decreasing technology gap between the United States and our adversaries, ultimately concluding that a major transformation of its approach to training and education was necessary. Blue Rose was engaged to provide workforce development, strategic planning, program management and related expertise to the Marine Corps in support of TECOM’s transformation.

The Solution

We conducted an intensive research and assessment effort of historical and current Marine Corps training and education doctrine and approaches working with all levels of the command from junior enlisted, to general officer and senior civilian. As part of our work, we led the development of TECOM’s Vision and Strategy for 21st Century Learning, the Marine Corps’ public-facing strategy and roadmap for their new approach to Marine and Unit development. This program emphasizes immersive, outcome-based learning in place of more traditional training approaches and process adherence. Our activities in support of TECOM’s transformation also included performance-related data collection and data-mining/analysis, evaluation, and creation of force development and learning-related doctrine. These evaluations and recommendations of changes to Manpower processes and practices better align them with talent management best practices, evaluation of various force development support organizations, and the establishment of improved practices for measuring the impact of force development programs and initiatives against strategic plans.

The Result

TECOM’s Vision and Strategy for 21st Century Learning has been endorsed by the 38th Commandant’s Planning Guidance. The Marine Corps has committed hundreds of millions of dollars in modernization and transformation investments outlined in the campaign plan that accompanied the development of the Vision and Strategy for 21 st Century Learning. TECOM has been elevated to a three-star command that reports directly to the Commandant of the Marine Corps.

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