Soldier for Life-Transition Assistance Program (SFL-TAP)

Every year 100,000+ Soldiers “separate” from the U.S. Army, transitioning back into the civilian sector. While the Soldier for Life-Transition Assistance Program (SFL-TAP) had done a satisfactory job preparing Soldiers for separation, there has been a gap in successfully connecting separating Soldiers (and their families) to non-military careers. From 2000-2014, an average of 66,000 just-separated Soldiers received unemployment compensation (UCX) at an average annual cost of $600B.

The Solution

Blue Rose assisted senior Army leaders in the development of an overall strategy to improve the performance and success of SFL-TAP. To arrive at a final strategy that would lead to an implementation with meaningful results, a comprehensive data collection and analysis effort was conducted by Blue Rose’s professional analysts and SMEs. Our professionals began the process by reviewing and analyzing all relevant policies and program documents. This was paralleled with interviews of Army leaders, transitioning and transitioned Soldiers, commercial entities that recruit and hire Veterans, as well as industry leaders on cutting-edge concepts for program improvement.

The Result

Following the data collection effort, analysis revealed common themes for areas of improvement. Blue Rose SMEs worked directly with Army leaders to refine current policies and procedures to address many of these areas. We completed our work by developing and presenting a series of Courses of Action (COAs) that were targeted to improve existing business processes, develop new processes, and continually analyze performance and outcomes. These COA’s were designed to improve the connection between transitioning Soldiers and civilian employers and relieve many of the stressors on Soldiers as they leave uniform service and return to the civilian community. Blue Rose looks forward to the opportunity to help the Army implement many of these actions.

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