Mississippi National Guard Employment Outreach Services

The soldiers and airmen of our National Guard sacrifice every day for our nation and their states. In order to effectively serve, they must be able to depend on stable and supportive civilian careers. The Employment Outreach Services (EOS) Program of the Mississippi National Guard (MSNG) serves as an example of providing the services and connections needed by our guardsmen as they seek and sustain career roles in the civilian market.

The Solution

Blue Rose provides employment assistance, education benefits information, retention, and transition services to our MSNG personnel and their families. Our professionals offer career support, as well as personal and professional development. To be successful in our work, we must be successful in our relationships, and Blue Rose maintains strong bonds with major and local employers, career centers, higher education, as well as state and local governments.

The Result

In keeping with our vision, we have brought the power of IT to this highly personal program. Blue Rose envisioned, developed, and implemented an integrated Case Management and Event Support system. This system saves enormous time in automating repetitive tasks, but more importantly it provides a much-improved case management methodology. We have already seen the benefits of this system in our ability to analyze data quickly and comprehensively, and as a result, provide even better service to our clients. Guardsmen and the MSNG Command have seen significant program improvement because of our on-the-ground professionals and our intersection of impact with IT capabilities.

Blue Rose Consulting Group Inc.
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