Human Capital Services

At the core of our experience is human capital management (HCM). We provide our commercial and public sector clients with solutions across all three areas of this domain: Organization, Workforce and People.

Blue Rose Consulting, inc.
Blue Rose Consulting, inc.

Sample Projects

  • Blue Rose Managing Partner, Chris Casey, led a comprehensive assessment of United Nations’ worldwide operations for one of its principal development organizations. The engagement included recommendations and a roadmap for cost, operations and program realignments. Blue Rose professionals developed a current state view that integrated how the organizations’ functions/programs are integrated between HQ and the field to drive and/or support UN Women’s “development impact.” Our team assessed pain points (gaps, misalignments, etc.) and overlaps (between UN organizations) to establish opportunities to realize benefits (e.g., budget reductions, increased impact) through realignment. We also assessed the organization’s forthcoming strategic plan to identify key elements that would require changes to the current structure and performance. In the end, our professionals provided a roadmap for changes that will improve the organization’s capacity to deliver services in a more sustainable, cost-effective manner.
  • Blue Rose Consulting Group is currently providing a wide array of learning and development support – from strategic visioning to course design and development – to the United States Marine Corps’ Training and Education Command (TECOM), the command charged with leading learning and development for the USMC’s 185,000+ Marines.  Key initiatives include:
    • Strategic Visioning for Learning and Development: An “information age” strategic vision that reorients the Marines from “Training and Education” (which are methods) to “Marine Development” (which is the result we want); better integrates learning and development across the operating forces and the command; enhances participation by individual Marines; and prioritizes the use of best practices in adult learning (e.g., constructivism, learner-centric design, etc.)
    • Strategic Planning for Learning and Development: We are leading the redevelopment of TECOM’s strategic plan, which will serve as the roadmap for implementing the strategic vision. Our professionals developed a detailed approach for an end-to-end, strategic-to-operational process which will result in both a new strategic plan as well as the operational level initiatives and programs required to fulfill the goals and objectives. Blue Rose is conducting numerous facilitated sessions across a wide variety of workgroups, including junior civilians/mid-level officers and NCO’s to high-ranking civilians/general officer personnel.   We are integrating the viewpoints and inputs of stakeholders with vast arrays of relevant expertise, including recent combat veterans, human performance scientists, learning and development professionals, and many others.
    • Learning Approach Design: Blue Rose professionals are refining and tailoring a new learning approach for the Marine Corps called “Outcomes-Based Learning” (OBL). OBL stresses the development of intangible attributes, such as initiative, critical thinking, judgment, and responsibility, during the teaching of targeted knowledge, skills and capabilities. OBL is so-named because it relies on observable outcomes, rather than performance to a written standard, to measure self-development and the effectiveness of learning.
    • “Train-the-Trainer” Course Design and Development (Proof-of-Concept): We designed, developed and led a proof-of-concept “train-the-trainer” workshop on OBL for Marine instructional systems designers (ISD) and instructors. The ISDs and instructors were introduced to the overall approach, implications for ISD, and multiple associated teaching methodologies and tools. The workshop employed interactive Tactical Decision Games (TDGs), Kriegespiels (wargames), peer assessments, and lively analytical discussions to create a safe yet challenging environment for participants.
    • Learning and Development Function/Program Management: Blue Rose professionals are currently assessing workload and talent requirements to support TECOM’s implementation of its strategic vision. We are currently evaluating TECOM’s emerging support requirements, expected workload, anticipated deadlines, available talent pool, required vs. available skills, and a host of other factors to determine and acquire appropriate levels of support with the required mix of skills necessary to perform successfully. We have proposed designs for the following:
      • A governance structure that allows TECOM to monitor and control the vast array of separate, but aligned initiatives/programs supporting the updated strategic plan;
      • A set of processes that align to the Marine Corps force-wide PPBE system to ensure that TECOM’s critical priorities receive appropriate funding consideration;
      • Enhanced performance management to ensure that initiatives and programs are monitored and evaluated based on a “balanced scorecard approach.”
  • Blue Rose works with our partner, Kforce Government Solutions (KGS) o support the National Science Foundation. As part of a broad-based program supporting outreach and communications to the NSF’s large facilities and policy offices, Blue Rose professionals work alongside KGS to provide training support using electronic learning platforms.  We develop programmatic content of presentation materials, including web-based training course content using graphic designers, instructional designers, web-based technology experts, and certified staff for review of compliance with accessibility requirements for information and communication technology. Most recently, we developed an e-Learning module for NSF’s Policy Office to provide training on how to properly complete and upload NSF’s Collaborators and Other Affiliations template.We further support NSF by developing a series of “Inside NSF” training videos that the Policy Office utilizes to communicate important information on how grant proposals are received, evaluated, awarded and monitored. KGS and Blue Rose professionals film 1-2 individuals detailing the policy updates, and then packages this into short videos with animated text and graphics to engage the viewer and aid in their understanding and retention of the information. The NSF client has found this to be a quick and effective way to train staff on important policy changes.
  • Blue Rose has worked extensively with the Department of Defense and the aviation community to develop a long-term approach to address the military and commercial pilot shortage. Our thorough research and proposed approach has garnered the attention of senior officials across the DoD, as well as C-Suite executives from many of the major airlines. This type of rigorous study and analysis is indicative of our capabilities across the human capital domain.